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Walsall 24 is an initiative to highlight the day-to-day tasks Walsall Council does day in and day out.

More than 700 services are offered by local government. Many of them go uncelebrated.

The day long initiative aims to show a broad cross section of what we do rather than be a definitive list.

From 6am on 3 March 2011 to 6am on 4 March 2011 we will be using Twitter to tweet a series of routine duties we're carrying out.

Potholes, school crossing patrols, events at libraries and calls to out-of-hours teams will be individually tweeted.

  • Walsall 24 diary - view online what people are saying on twitter (updated regularly please press control F5 to refresh)

Here are some questions and answers.

Why is it being done on Twitter?

Twitter offers the ability to post short 140 character updates. This is perfect for brief snapshots of what we do. We've been using Twitter as a local authority since April 2009. We were in the first 100 in the world to do so and the first in the West Midlands.

How can I follow it?

You can follow this by joining Twitter  and by following the seperate Twitter accounts

Is this costing money?

No. It'll cost £0. We've used the expertise and goodwill of our committed staff and free tools that are available on the web.

Why bother? Doesn't the council have other things to do?

We think it's worth reminding people what they get for their council tax.

Nobody has been taken off the frontline and services have not been disrupted.

Is this a typical day?

Council services are offered 365 days a year.  This day was chosen at random.

What happens to the information after the event?

We'll capture the tweets and look to try and publish them as open data.

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