Streetly Crematorium

Streetly Crematorium

Little Hardwick Road, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 0SG

Streetly Crematorium

Streetly Crematorium

The crematorium facilities are available from Monday to Friday with the exception of Bank Holidays. Bookings can be made at the main offices at Willenhall Lawn Cemetery where all paperwork must be sent.

As from 31 March 2014 service times will be 45 minutes commencing at 9am in the West Chapel and 9.15 in the East. Services should be completed at least 5 minutes before the start time of the following service to allow for mourners to leave and the chapel to be presented to the following family in acceptable condition

Additional service times may be booked in advance and a charge will be made which reflects the additional use of the facilities. Families should be encouraged to do so for large congregations or if an extended celebration is planned

History of Streetly Crematorium

Streetly Crematorium was opened on 14 February 1984 to replace the existing cremation facilities at Ryecroft Crematorium; a converted Cemetery Chapel arrangement that had been in service some 30 years and was becoming inadequate for its purpose due to the limited facilities of the cremation equipment and the building itself, which was in need of extensive and costly improvements.

A location for the new Crematorium was chosen on a 27 acre site on the green field Fringe to the east of the borough of Walsall. This site was adjacent to the existing Streetly Cemetery and owned by the authority. This pleasant rural site is well separated from, but nevertheless overlooked by, a neighbouring domestic development.

Design of Streetly Crematorium

The planning and design of the building was carried out by a team from the borough's Department of Architecture and, after consultations with other authorities, a brief was developed to provide a facility to cater for the existing demand for cremation within the borough and its surrounding area and have the ability to expand to meet the projected future demands.

To help overcome the objections of the owners of the overlooking properties, the exterior of the building is designed to ameliorate the intrusion. This is done by massing the buildings in the form of a series of simple geometric shapes forming opposing monopitched elements rising to a central point. The buildings have been designed with two Chapels and ancillary facilities that are identical in appearance, but offer different size Chapels; the West Chapel seating approximately 90 and the East or Family Chapel, 50. Services commence every 45 minutes in each chapel and because of a one way flow arrangement for both vehicles and mourners, can take place simultaneously. To cater for the wheelchair bound, the whole building is on one level with no steps or ramps. Each doorway is extra wide to ease access. and in the facilities for each Chapel are specialized toilets and washrooms. In addition, for the partially sighted, Braille hymn books are available and for the hard of hearing a loop system has been installed in each Chapel.

The interior of the buildings follow the same monopitched design imparting an air of spacious yet serene dignity. The interior walls are of hand finished straw coloured brickwork, which, together with the high sloping cedar ceiling, provides a low maintenance and pleasing internal surface.

A low water pressure under floor heating system has been installed to provide a balanced, economic and noiseless heating system which is supported by heat exchange from the abatement plant.

Music in both chapels is supplied digitally from 31 March 2014. Requests for digital music must be made in advance. The council cannot accept any responsibility for commercial CDs presented on the day that cannot be played for any reason. In compliance with the law on reproduction of digital media, non-commercial CDs cannot be accepted. Singing can be accompanied using the modern electronic organs available in each chapel and the services of an organist engaged by the funeral director.

The cremations are facilitated by three cremators using up to date technology to conform to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 regarding minimal emissions into the atmosphere. The council has invested in the installation of new cremators and Mercury abatement plant to comply with Government emission limits. The facility can now cater for larger coffins than previously.

The existing trees and shrubs established at various points in the site have been reinforced by planting deciduous and evergreen trees around the perimeter helping to screen the buildings from the overlooking properties. The original contours have been, in part, remodeled to introduce natural looking features. The remainder of the grounds have also been extensively planted to provide informal woodland walks and quiet corners for private meditation and prayer.

Access for all

We have a commitment to provide access to all relevant services to all members of the community. In line with this, at the Crematorium we provide the following: -

  • Braille hymnbooks
  • A loop system in the Crematorium chapels, for the hearing impaired
  • Enhanced toilet facilities
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Wheelchair

Crematorium staff

The crematorium staff are responsible for ensuring that Funeral Services in the Crematorium Chapels take place in a suitably dignified way and that wherever possible, all required facilities are available to the bereaved. The staff are highly experienced and may be called upon to give advice on all aspects of music for a funeral, from choice of hymns through to specific digital music choice. The staff also ensure that the cremation process is carried out in accordance with the Code of Cremation Practice, and in a reverent and dignified manner.

There is no obligation to have a Religious Minister in attendance and families may choose to conduct their own non-religious service with the assistance of the staff.

At the service in the Crematorium Chapels we can remove or replace Religious symbols from the wall as appropriate and, by prior arrangement will allow a number of mourners to view the committing of the coffin into the Cremator where this is requested by the immediate family.

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