Registration of deaths

How to register a death

Walsall Register Office are responsible for the registration of deaths which take place in Walsall. Please telephone us in advance to make an appointment. The direct telephone number for an appointment is 0300 555 2847.

A death must be registered within five days from when it occurred. This period can be extended in exceptional circumstances and if the coroner is involved. You can only register a death once you have the Medical Cause of Death Certificate from the doctor, or in the case of a death reported to the Coroner, confirmation from the coroners that the relevant paperwork has been issued to us.

If you would like information on the deaths that happen abroad please visit the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for further information

Tell Us Once

Losing a loved one is hard enough without the stress of paperwork and telephone calls to make.  Tell Us Once aims to ease this burden by allowing you to tell multiple government agencies about a death, at the same time.  It’s important they know as soon as possible and you don’t even need to leave the register office to notify key departments such as Housing, Council Tax, Blue Badge, Electoral Services.

The service is optional and we will ask you if you would like to use this service when you make your appointment.

More information can be found on our Tell Us Once Page.

Who can register a death?

The death can be registered by:

  • A relative
  • Someone present at the death
  • A senior official of the nursing/residential home/
  • hospital where the death took place
  • The person making the arrangements for the funeral

Most deaths are registered by a relative of the deceased. The Registrar would normally only allow one of the other  people listed above to register the death if there were no  relatives available. If in doubt telephone the Register office on 0300 555 2847

If you have difficulty in speaking English, please bring someone to help you register, you can ask a friend or relative to come with you, but please remember that they cannot come on your behalf.

You will need to know the following information:

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Date and place of birth (a birth certificate or passport would be helpful)
  • Last full-time occupation
  • Name of any surviving spouse or civil partner

What documents will you receive from the Registrar?

After the information has been recorded into the register the Registrar will issue the necessary forms and certificates.

If a post-mortem is not being held, the Registrar will give you:

  • A certificate for Burial or Cremation (‘Green Form’)  giving permission for the body to be buried or for an application for cremation to be made.  This is required before you can make the funeral arrangements
  • If the deceased is to be buried or cremated outside of England or Wales the coroner will issue the necessary forms
  • A certificate of Registration of Death (Form BD8) issued for the Benefits Agency.

You will have the option to purchase death certificates from the registrar at the time of the appointment.

These are certified copied of the original register entry and will be needed by the executor or administrator. Anything that has to be closed down or claimed will need a certificate, although most companies will return these once they have had sight of them.

Please visit our fees and charges page for the price of a death certificate. Payment can be made by either cash or card.

Further information

Further information about death registrations is available at the General Register Office website

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