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Planning 2026

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Community Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy.

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Pre-Submission Modifications Consultation has now closed

This consultation has now closed, thank you to all who provided representations, we are now processing these and formal notification on the representations will be sent out in January 2017. All of the representations that have been submitted can be viewed on our consultation representations page.

The next stage of the Plans is the Independent Examination; as part of this all of the representations made to the Pre-Submission Modifications Consultation and the Publication Consultation will be passed to the independent examiner. Please check the website as we will be updating the information about the examination of the plans as we progress towards it.

Back in March Walsall Council consulted on important plans that will shape the future of the borough.  The Pre-Submission Modifications Consultation sought comments on proposed modifications to these plans before we submit them for independent examination.  We have also updated the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment to take into account consultation representations, these two documents which are available on the Evidence page.

This stage of consultation was called ‘Pre-Submission Proposed Modifications’ and ran for 6 weeks, between Monday 7th November 2016 and ending at 5pm on Monday 19th December 2016.

This consultation was authorised at Cabinet on the 27th July 2016, the Cabinet report and supporting documents are available on the Council's Website here.  It dealt with changes that were made to the Publication Draft Plans following responses to the previous round of consultations. The representations made on the Publication Stage Draft Plans and how the Council has responded to these can be viewed on our consultation representation web pages.  

The consultation documents for each of the plans included a schedule of modifications which lists all of the changes being proposed and the reasons behind them; a version of the Draft Plan with the modified text inserted and updated version of the Draft Policies Map for the SAD and AAP. These can be found on the individual plans pages for the Site Allocation DocumentTown Centre Area Action Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy.  This stage of consultation was on the proposed modifications only.

Publication Stage Consultation has now closed

The publication consultation on the Site Allocation Document, Town Centre Area Action Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy closed on 3rd May 2016. Thank you for the submitted representations.

Walsall Council has sent acknowledgments notifications to everyone who sent a representation. All of the representations that have been submitted can be viewed on our consultation representations page.

All representations will be considered and the Council will publish a set of responses in due course.

We will contact all of those who submitted comments, and the Council’s website will provide updates as we move through the next steps towards the examination of the plans.

Publication Stage Consultation - Now Closed

The next stage of consultation on Walsall Site Allocation Document (SAD), Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) has now started.  The consultation runs for 8 weeks from 7th March to the 3rd May 2016.

You can view the relevant plans and their supporting documents using the links above.  

The Publication Draft Plans are the final versions of the plans that we intend (subject to approval by the Council) to submit for examination by an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.  The Council is now publishing the plans in accordance with Regulation 19 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.  The plans incorporate changes made since the ‘Preferred Options’ version, which are intended to address the representations made by the public, statutory bodies and other organisations in response to the consultation that took place in Autumn 2015.  The Preferred Options representations and how the Council has responded to these can be viewed on our consultation representations page.

All consultation documents are available to view and download online and paper copies of the main documents will be available to view in your local library and at the First Stop Shop in Walsall Civic Centre, Darwall Street.  

In order for the Council to formally take into account your views they must be submitted in writing and response forms can be found on the relevant webpages.  Representations can be made in writing by email to or by post to Planning Policy, Regeneration and Development, Economy & Environment Directorate, Walsall Council, Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall, WS1 1DG.  

As this is “Publication” stage, it would strengthen your representations if they are made on the grounds of whether you think the plan is “sound”. This raises key questions about the plans:

  • Positively prepared – does the plan allocate enough land to meet all needs for the various uses where it is reasonable to do so and consistent with placing development in the right locations?
  • Justified – is the plan the most appropriate strategy when considered against reasonable alternatives?
  • Effective – can the proposals in the plan be delivered over its period? and
  • Consistent with national policy – is the plan in accordance with national policies?

Representations may be accompanied by a request to be notified at a specified address of the following.

  • The submission of the Plans for independent examination under Section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.
  • The publication of the recommendations of the person appointed to carry out the independent examination.  
  • The adoption of the Plans.

Publication Stage Consultation Events

You can come and talk to us at a number of events throughout the consultation period, including at our main event on Thursday 7th April 2016 between 1pm and 7pm at the Council House.  Will we be publishing details about all our events on this webpage throughout the consultation.

Event Date Location Time
Darlaston and Bentley Area Panel22nd March 2016Darlaston Methodist Church, Slater Street, Darlaston, WS10 8EE6pm
Willenhall and Short Heath Area Panel24th March 2016Winehala Court, 50A Sandbeds Road, Short Heath, WV12 4GA6pm
Aldridge and Beacon Area Panel 29th March 2016All Saints Church, Foley Road East, B74 3EX6pm
Walsall South Area Panel 4th April 2016The Council House, Conference Room 2, Walsall Council, Lichfield Street6pm
Planning 2026 Event 7th April 2016The Council House, Walsall Council, Lichfield Street1pm - 7pm
North Walsall Area Panel 7th April 2016Blakenall Village Centre, Thames Road, Walsall, WS3 1LZ6pm
Brownhills Tesco 11th April 2016 Brownhills Tesco, Silver St,WS8 6DZ 10am - 3.30pm
Bloxwich Market 12th April 2016Bloxwich Market Square.9am - 3pm
Brownhills / Pelsall / Rushall / Shelfield Area Panel 12th April 2016Pelsall Village Centre, High Street, Pelsall 6pm
Willenhall Market 13th April 2016Willenhall Market Place 9am - 3pm
Darlaston Market 14th April 2016Kings Street Darlaston 9am - 3pm
Aldridge Centre 15th April 2016 Aldridge Shopping Square 9am - 3pm
Walsall Market 19th April 2016Walsall Market, Walsall Town Centre 9am - 3pm
Walsall Saddler's Centre 21st April 2016 Walsall Saddler's Centre, Walsall Town Centre  9am - 4pm
Walsall Saddler's Centre 22nd April 2016Walsall Saddler's Centre, Walsall Town Centre  9am - 4pm

You can also view the blog site, facebook page and twitter account we will be using throughout the consultation in the links below:

Previous Consultation Stages (Consultations now closed)

The Preferred Options Consultation

The Preferred Options stage of consultation for the Town Centre Area Action Plan and Site Allocation Document and the Preliminary Draft Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule ran from Monday 7th September until Monday 2nd 5pm November 2015 (8 weeks).  Thank you to those who have taken the time to comment on the documents.  You can view representations using the link below:

Issues and Options Consultation

Thank you to everyone that responded to the Planning 2026 Issues and Options consultation that took place between 22nd April 2013 and 3rd June 2013 on the first stage of reports for the Site Allocation Document and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan. We have now published all received formal representations and comments made through social media along with the Council's responses, including how we have addressed your representations through the Preferred Options. You can view representations using the link below:

We have produced a leaflet that includes a simple flow diagram that sets out the purpose of the plans, the process we have to follow and how you can get involved. You can view and download the leaflet using the link below:

Details of events we arranged and attended throughout the Issues and Options consultation are shown in the document in link below:

How to get involved in the consultation

Get involved in shaping the borough. Your views are very important and will help to shape the future of these documents and therefore Walsall.  If you would like to participate in later stages of the consultation process, please register your interest by telephoning 01922 658020 or email your contact details to

Contact us

Telephone 01922 658020

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