M6 Junction 10 Improvements

M6 Junction 10 Improvements

Walsall Council is working in partnership with Highways England to improve Junction 10 of the M6 motorway.

Public Information Events - February 2017

During December 2015, Walsall Council and Highways England conducted a public consultation exercise to discuss the design options being considered for the improvement of M6 J10. In July 2016 we shared the outcome of this public consultation.

View the full M6 Junction 10 Consultation Report (PDF 5MB)

Ongoing investigation into the two preferred scheme options during 2016, has determined that option 1b is the most viable and has been selected to be taken forward.

You are invited to attend one of the public information events listed below to view the final option and discuss the reasons why this option has been selected.  

  • Village Hotel, Tempus Ten, Walsall, WS2 8TJ - Wednesday 15 Feb, 14:00 – 20:00
  • Holiday Inn, W'ton Road West, Walsall, WS2 0BS - Monday 20 Feb, 12:00 – 16:00
  • Boundary Mill, Bentley Mill Way, Walsall WS2 0LE - Saturday 25 Feb, 11:00 – 14:00

View a before and after of the junction improvements.

View a visualisation of the junction improvements here.

View an information leaflet about the junction improvements

View questions and answers about the junction improvements

Give your feedback on the information events here

If you would like to be kept up to date as the scheme progresses, please provide your details via the link.

Following these public information events, we will be continuing to work towards gaining planning approval starting in summer 2017. Walsall Planning Authority is required to undertake a formal period of public consultation, prior to deciding the outcome of the planning application. How to comment will be explained within the publicity accompanying the planning application.  

If successful in gaining planning approval, we will complete the detailed design of the scheme. Construction is anticipated to start in 2018 and take approximately 2 years to build.

What improvements are proposed for M6 junction 10?

As a busy route between Walsall and Wolverhampton, the junction is often heavily congested and this reduces the attractiveness of the local area for business and investment, including within the nearby Black Country Enterprise Zone.

The scheme will address congestion and safety around the junction and replace the two bridges existing bridges with two new four lane bridges.  Other work to improve congestion and safety will also be undertaken on the adjacent junction of Wolverhampton Road and Bloxwich Lane and also along a short section of the A454 Black Country Route. Construction work is currently planned to start in 2018.

The junction is of strategic importance to Walsall and the wider area, providing access to the West Midlands. However, these queues affect the local community and business environment quite significantly, making it harder for businesses to get their goods and services to market, impacting local businesses and jobs.

The main objectives of the scheme are to:

1. Provide a more free flowing network by;

- reducing congestion on the A454 Black Country Route eastbound to improve journey time reliability, critical to the needs of local residents, businesses and the Black Country Enterprise Zone;
- reducing congestion on other roads linking to the junction, such as A454 Wolverhampton Road, B4464 Wolverhampton Road West and Bloxwich Lane;
- reducing ‘rat-running’ traffic on nearby routes parallel to the A454 Black Country Route, the A454 Wolverhampton Road and the B4464 Wolverhampton Road West.

2. Support economic growth by;

- improving transport in the local area to tie-in with significant recent investments made by Walsall Council in local transport infrastructure with the £26m Darlaston Strategic Development Area (DSDA) Access Project and by Highways England with Smart Motorways at M6 Junctions 5-8 and 10A-13;
- enhancing operational conditions for existing businesses, especially those with HGVs that rely on excellent links to the strategic road network;
- attracting new business and development to the area by enhanced road infrastructure.

3. Provide a safe and serviceable network with improved access by;

- replacing the bridge structures over the M6  motorway and avoiding major maintenance work on the structures in the near future;
- improving conditions for cyclists, pedestrians and other nonmotorised users.

If you would like to find out more about the Birchills-Leamore Highway Improvements (Junction 10 Resilience Package) please visit the dedicated webpage here.

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