Scaffolding and Hoarding Permits

Scaffolding and Hoarding Permits

Walsall Council recognises the fact that there are numerous circumstances where scaffolding and/or hoarding is required to be erected on the public highway to carry out essential maintenance to properties, assist in renovation works or is simply needed for safety purposes.

In accordance with Sections 169, 172, 173 and 178 of the Highways Act 1980, a permit is required for every scaffold or hoarding that is erected on the public highway (Highway can consist of carriageway, footway or verge).

Therefore any person who wishes to erect a scaffold or hoarding on the public highway for any period of time is required to apply to Walsall Council in writing, detailing what works intend to be undertaken, the time scales involved, dimensions of any structure to be erected and an agreement to safety conditions.

The link below will provide access to Walsall councils scaffold and hoarding application forms:

Scaffold hoarding permit application (PDF 179KB)

Please note that once the application forms have been completed an appointment must be made with a member of the Traffic Management and Coordination Team to submit the application, this must be done in person in Walsall council's First Stop Shop.

This application process can also be completed via the use of Walsall Council's eforms using the link below.

Please note that you will still be required to visist the First Stop Shop of Walsall Council to obtain the permit. This is due to the fact that there is a declaration and Indemnification section on the permit that must be completed.

Scaffold/Hoarding eform application

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