Public rights of way

Public rights of way

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The Public Rights of Way Team at Walsall Council forms part of the highway authority. Its main responsibility is to maintain public rights of way and keeping them free from obstruction. Other roles and areas of work of the public rights of way team include:

  • Reactive repairs and planned improvements relating to their surface, drainage, clearance of litter or vegetation
  • Installation and maintenance of street furniture on public rights of way, including for example, vehicle barriers, stiles and bollards
  • Installation of signs and way markers on routes across parks and open spaces
  • Upkeep of the Definitive Map and Statement, which is the legal record of public rights of way in the area
  • Providing advice to land owners, developers and planning services where public rights of way may be affected by development
  • Undertaking searches for Public Rights of Way information
  • Providing advice and implementing legal orders where changes to the public rights of way network, including creation, diversion or closure, are required
  • Administering Walsall Local Access Forum
  • Maintaining a register of applications for new public rights of way under s.53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1975
  • Maintaining a register of any Gating Orders implemented in the borough of Walsall
  • Preparing and reviewing a Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Contact us

Senior Rights of Way Officer: Joanne Sheeran
Telephone  01922 654673

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