Weight limits on roads

Weight limits on roads

Weight limits on roadsLorries play an important part in the operation of the country’s economy, but in doing so they can create problems for people, particularly in residential areas, and the situation is particularly acute in an essentially industrial town like Walsall. Where possible Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) (over 7.5t) should be restricted to mainly classified A and B roads, but where local roads are being used as convenient ‘rat runs’ causing environmental intrusion to residents the Traffic Management Team will seek to prohibit through traffic from entering a specific road or wider area by way of an HCV Prohibition Order.

It must be emphasised that such Orders cannot legally stop access to existing premises situated within the exclusion zone.

There will always be the occasional lorry being driven through inappropriate roads for varying reasons, particularly in a mixed residential and industrial area, but in considering the justification for implementing these measures the Council will assess the volume of through traffic against the prescribed criteria applicable to the road or area in question.

In addition where there is a bridge carrying a public highway which has been assessed as not being structurally capable of safely accommodating a specific weight limit, the council will impose a weight limit on the bridge by way of a Traffic Regulation Order.

As with other Traffic Regulation Orders, the police are responsible for enforcement.

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