Highway obstructions

Highway obstructions

The Licensing Enforcement team enforces legislation relating to certain obstructions, damage and danger on the highway, for example:

  • advertisement and shop displays obstructing the footpath
  • structures deposited on the highway
  • sales of vehicles from the highway

The council and some statutory bodies are authorised to place official street furniture such as signs, lamp posts and litter bins on the highway.  Street trading is also allowed in specified areas of the borough if a licence from the Licensing Unit is obtained first.  Information on how to obtain a street trading licence can be found on the street trading page.

Licensing Enforcement team does not enforce parking in breach of restrictions, eg on double yellow lines. This is enforced by our Parking Services department.

You can find information about applying for a domestic dropped kerb in our transport and streets pages.

If you would like advice on, or make a complaint about a highway obstruction please contact the Licensing Enforcement team.

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This page was last updated on 03 November 2016