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Domestic Vehicle Crossings

Domestic dropped kerbs

It is a contravention of the Highways Act 1980, Section 184, to regularly drive a vehicle across a kerbed footway/verge to and from a premises without a properly constructed dropped kerb.

In order to get a dropped kerb installed a 'Road Opening Permit' is required from the Traffic Management and Coordination Team.

The work can be carried out by the council, in which case the permit costs £60. A quotation for the cost of the dropped kerb can be arranged free of charge or obligation.

Work may also be carried out by a private contractor, in which case the permit costs £250 which includes an inspection fee. The contractor must provide details of their Public Liability insurance cover (minimum £5million for any one claim, the number of claims being unlimited) and their qualifications under the New Road & Street Works Act 1991.

In the event of the property being on a classified road, usually an A or B road, then Planning Permission will be required for the creation of the access onto that road before the road opening procedure can be commenced.

Should the proposed dropped kerb involve the relocation or alteration of any street furniture or statutory undertaker apparatus then the full costs must be borne by the applicant.

Walsall Council has created a Frequently Asked Questions guide accessible below, in order to provide you with as much information as possible about Domestic Vehicle Crossing Applications before you apply

To find out more information or to arrange for a quotation please contact the Traffic Management and Coordination Team on 01922 654663 or 01922 654675, or alternatively please complete the below e-form.

If you wish for a private contractor to undertake the works, there is a separate application process that needs to be followed.

The permit fee to allow a private contractor to work on the highway is £250.00 (which covers inspection of this work).

Please note that before a Domestic Vehicle Crossing can be installed a suitable hardstanding / driveway must be installed at your property.

This development may or may not require planning permission depending upon the type of materials used in its construction, including but not limited to, the levels of permeable surfacing and drainage systems to prevent water discharging onto the highway in contravention of the Highways Act 1980 .

For more information regarding this issue please Visit www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/pavingfrontgarden/ to view the Planning portal's guidance on "Paving your Front Garden".

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