Disabled parking bays (advisory)

Advisory Disabled Carriageway Markings

In order to help residents who have serious health problems affecting their mobility it may be possible, in a limited range of circumstances, to mark the highway with an advisory disabled parking bay. This will enable a resident to park their vehicle as close to their property as possible. There is however strict criteria to be met before this facility can be considered.

  • There must be no existing off street parking facilities at the property or the potential to create such facilities.
  • There must be a vehicle in ownership at the property. In most cases it will be the applicant who owns and drives a vehicle but if a carer (proof of this will be required) transports the applicant about then this may meet the requirements.
  • Applicants must be in receipt of Person Independence Payment (enhanced rate of mobility and enhanced rate of daily living components)
  • If the applicant has not yet been subject to the Personal Independence Payment assessment he or she must be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (the higher rate of mobility and the higher rate of care components) or the higher rate of Attendance Allowance. Documentary proof of this will be required.
  • Most disabled bays are located directly fronting the applicant’s property to indicate which resident the bay is intended for and it is for this reason they are not positioned outside flats. Only in exceptional cases would a disabled bay be placed on the highway away from the applicant’s property.
  • Not all roads are suitable for disabled bays to be installed, the road must be wide enough to accommodate the bay without impeding traffic flow and the proposed location must not create any road safety problems. They are not installed where an existing waiting restriction or prohibition is in force.

If you think that you may meet the requirements above and would like an application form to be posted to you please contact the Traffic Management team.

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