Planning 2026

Planning 2026

planning-2026-buttonSite Allocation Document.

Find out more about the allocation of sites across Walsall.


View the evidence we are using to prepare plans.

aap-logo-buttonTown Centre Area Action Plan.

Find out more about the plan for Walsall Town Centre.

delivery-logo-buttonDelivery and Viability.

View funding streams and delivery mechanisms.

cfs-logo-buttonCall for Sites.

View the sites submitted to the Council by Landowners.


View representations made on our consultations.

interactive-maps-logo-buttonInteractive Maps.

Search and view information about the plans.

Revised timetable for Walsall Planning 2026 Local Plans

A new timetable for the production of Walsall Site Allocation Document and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan was agreed by Walsall Cabinet on the 10th September 2014 – see Local Development Scheme webpage for more information.

Issues and Options Consultation

Thank you to everyone that responded to the Planning 2026 Issues and Options consultation that took place between 22nd April 2013 and 3rd June 2013 on the first stage of reports for the Site Allocation Document and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan. We have now published all received formal representations and comments made through social media. You can view representations using the link below:

We will consider all representations made on the Issues and Options consultation and will publish the Council's responses as we progress towards the next stage of consultation called Preferred Options. We have produced a leaflet that includes a simple flow diagram that sets out the purpose of the plans, the process we have to follow and how you can get involved. You can view and download the leaflet using the link below:

Details of events we arranged and attended throughout the Issues and Options consultation are shown in the document in link below:

How to get involved in the next stage of consultation

Get involved in shaping the borough. Your views are very important and will help to shape the future of these documents and therefore Walsall.  If you would like to participate in the next, Preferred Options stage of the consultation process, please register your interest by telephoning 01922 658020 or email your contact details to  

You can also view, and subscribe to the blog site, facebook page and twitter account we will be using throughout the various stages of consultation in the links below:

Contact us

Telephone 01922 658020

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