Licensing Act 2003 designated premises supervisor

Designated premises supervisor

When one of the activities specified in the premises licence is the sale of alcohol, then that sale may only take place when there is a nominated designated premises supervisor (DPS), and only if that DPS holds a personal licence.

The DPS must give his or her written consent to be the nominated person with this responsibility. His/her name will be specified on the licence, and on the summary of the licence, which will be on prominent display in the premises.

There may be several personal licence holders at a premises, but there can only be one DPS.

The DPS will be the first point of contact at any premises, for the police, fire or council officers, and s/he will normally be the person ‘in charge'. This is to ensure that any problems can be dealt with swiftly by engaging with this key individual.

Therefore, it is clear that if a DPS was convicted at court for a relevant offence, and the court decided to suspend or declare the licence forfeit, or if the DPS suddenly decided that s/he no longer wanted to work at the premises, then there could be a situation where the premises would no longer be able to sell alcohol, until a new DPS had been nominated.

The 2003 act, however, does allow for an individual to apply to take up the post as DPS immediately, and this facility should minimise the problems envisaged above.

The police are entitled to object to the designation of a new premises supervisor where they believe this may undermine the crime prevention objective.

In this case, the licensing authority (the council) would arrange a hearing before the committee, where both sides would have the opportunity to put their case.

There is a right of appeal to the magistrates' courts for both parties.


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