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The Walsall Asian Heritage Project was funded by the Heritage Lottery fund and managed by Walsall Asian Library User Group. It was based at Walsall Local History Centre in Essex Street, Walsall, WS2 7AS.

The Asian Heritage Project tells the story of the life experiences of people who decided to leave their homeland, embarking on a journey of many miles in order to better themselves. It tells why people came to this country and how they settled down.

Around thirty people from the Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Gujarati and Bangladeshi communities were interviewed. The numbers of people to be interviewed from each community were estimated from the population figures for each of these communities in Walsall. In Walsall the majority of immigrants in the early sixties came from Punjab and Gujarat in India, Mirpur in Pakistan and Sylhet in Bangladesh. Later on immigrants arrived from East Africa due to the political changes there.

The interviews were recorded on audiotapes and videotapes. Transcripts of the audio recordings have been made. A DVD has been made which shows excerpts from the interviews grouped under specific topics.

Excerpts from some of the transcriptions and from the videotapes have been put on this web page. They are arranged under the headings used in the DVD. The complete transcriptions are available from Walsall Local History Centre. Copies of the DVD are to be disseminated to a wide audience including schools, colleges and libraries.

The full transcriptions are available from the Walsall Local History Centre Archives

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