Local History Centre Service Standards
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Local History Centre Service Standards

What can I expect from the Local History Centre Service?

  • Walsall Local History Centre will acquire, preserve and make available as wide a range of documents, photographs, oral history tapes and media in other formats as possible to reflect the history of the whole of the geographic area served by Walsall Council.

Customer services

  • We will open as many days a week as possible including Saturday morning and one late night
  • We will provide space for you to access and study material relevant to your inquiry
  • All items requested by request slip will be produced within 10 minutes
  • Photocopying will be done on demand if the type and condition of the item permits. Very large orders may need to be deferred in agreement with the researcher by staff in the research room
  • We will provide a range of promotional activities
  • We will provide at least one computer for public use with free access to the internet
  • We will provide information about our service which is accessible in a variety of formats

Acquisition and Cataloguing

  • All archive material accepted as a gift or deposit will fall within the Centre’s ‘Archive Collecting Policy’
  • All local studies material bought or accepted as a gift will fall within the Centre’s ‘Local Studies Acquisitions policy’
  • We will accession all new collections and send a final acknowledgement and receipt within 14 days of their receipt
  • We will make as many of our collections available for research as possible subject to the need for adequate cataloguing and to abide by statutory restrictions on access such as the Data Protection Act
  • All deposits will be made by deposit agreement and all oral history recordings by clearance form

Enquiries and Consultation

  • Your enquiry will be acknowledged within 5 working days and you will receive a response within 20 working days
  • We will consult regularly with our users about possible improvements to the service


  • The Centre will comply with the Historical Manuscripts Commission ‘A Standard for Record Repositories’
  • The storage area and methods of storing, packaging and displaying items will meet the requirements of British Standard 5454 ‘Recommendations for storage and exhibition of Archive Material’
  • Conservation work will be carried out according to the provisions of British Standard 4971 and the ECCO Professional Guidelines and Code of Ethics
  • We will catalogue archive collections to prescribed international cataloguing standards

What can you expect from me?

  • Observing the research room rules including handling all items which you use with care, particularly unique and rare items, using pencil at all times, not eating or drinking in the research room and asking the staff for guidance if you are unsure about something
  • Asking the staff if you have difficulty finding what you want
  • Being considerate of other users
  • Complying with copyright legislation
  • Keeping your CARN ticket in a safe place to avoid unauthorized use and reporting any loss immediately
  • Letting us know if we have made a mistake
  • Complying with the customer user contract when using the computer
  • Switching off your mobile phone whilst in the research room

What are the Local History Centre customer care values?

We will:

  • handle your request promptly
  • maintain high accessibility and availability of service
  • provide an effective service that meets your needs
  • be fair and courteous regardless of your ethnicity, disability or gender
  • be helpful and strive to go the extra mile to meet and/or exceed your expectations
  • provide all information you require to satisfy your needs
  • ensure that our people are professional, well trained and knowledgeable
  • ensure that your request is owned by the first person you contact
  • fully protect your privacy and information about you will be treated as confidential
  • strive to deliver what you need

How can I comment, compliment or complain?

  • Complete a feedback form at the Local History Centre
  • Contact us:
    Walsall Local History Centre
    Essex Street
    WS2 7AS
    United Kingdom
    Telephone (+44) 01922 652212
    Email localhistorycentre@walsall.gov.uk
  • Tell Us forms are available in all Walsall Council receptions. Alternatively you can complete the form online

This page was last updated on 12 September 2016