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1) Made in Walsall, Town of 100 Trades

Made in Walsall - Town of 100 Trades

Made in Walsall, Town of 100 Trades

An introduction of the historic trades of Walsall by Leather Museum curator Mike Glasson,

fully illustrated. £12.99


2) Two Hundred Years of Walsall Leather

Illustrated timeline highlighting key dates in the history of Walsall ' s leather industry 1800 – 2000,

fully illustrated in colour £ 0.75
( laminated version £ 1.00 )


3) The Leatherworking Handbook

The Leather Working Handbook

The Leatherworking Handbook

An excellent introduction to leatherworking skills by highly experienced leatherworker Val Michael.

Paperback, £14.99


4) In the Leather 2

In the leather - book2

In the Leather 2

More memories of Walsall leatherworkers, including a glove cutter, a light leathergoods worker and a factory owner,

well illustrated with historic photographs £1.50


5) Stitching & Skiving : Walsall's Women Leatherworkers

Photographs of women at work in the Walsall leather trade, 1900 to the present day, with captions and introduction

(a few copies remaining) £0.99


6) Walsall Leather Industry : The World's Saddlers

Walsall Leather Industry: The World's Saddlers

Walsall leather industry: The World's Sadlers

Michael Glasson, Tempus Publishing A history of the trade, the first book length treatment of the subject

with over 200 illustrations £12.99


7) Fact Sheet Number 2 – A Short History of the Walsall Leather Trade

Brief account of the main developments 1800 – 2000



8) In the Saddle

Cover of the book in the saddle at Walsall Leather Museum

In the Saddle.

A collection of papers by leading authorities covering aspects of the history of the saddle, including the Roman, Anglo- Saxon, Medieval and Stuart periods.

Numerous colour illustrations, £22.50


9) The Mark Cross Legend

Short history of the celebrated American company and its Walsall workforce, which produced the finest luxury leathergoods in the early 20th century.


10) The Harness Makers' Guide

Facsimile reprint, giving measurements for harness originally published 1921.

Includes recipes for leather. £6.50

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