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Walsall Museum will close in its current location at Walsall Central Library, from 31 March 2015.

This is as a result of a £70,000 reduction in the Museum Service budget, to help Walsall Council to meet its necessary savings of £86 million over the next four years.

Access to collections

However, Walsall Museum collections (including social history; lock making; lorinery; brass casting; costume and textiles; the Hodson Shop; and printed ephemera) will continue to be managed and cared for by the Council, and will remain accessible through initiatives, including:

  • Study visits to the Museums Service's store (through prior arrangement with the Collections Officer).
  • 'Behind Closed Doors' project - using dedicated funds from the Marches Network to faciliate the use of stored collections and create Discovery Boxes.
  • A programme of exhibitions at Walsall Leather Museum and elsewhere in the Borough.
  • Online access via www.blackcountryhistory.org.uk and other websites.


'The Changing Face of Walsall', the Museum's HLF-funded exhibition exploring and celebrating the development and history of the Borough, will re-open at Walsall Leather Museum on Littleton Street West, from 25 July 2015.

Future plans

The Museum Service is actively working towards a new, integrated heritage centre for the Borough of Walsall combining the collections of Walsall Museum, Walsall Leather Museum and Walsall Local History Centre, which is anticipated will be open in 2018.

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