Staying safe in your home
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Staying safe in your home

The Housing Standards and Improvements service receive a range of complaints from private tenants about general disrepair to their homes property and/or landlord/tenant issues.
The Council seeks in line with national guidance and best practice to resolve issues informally without the need for formal action such as the service of statutory notices and/or prosecution.

Homes are inspected to determine if there are any risk to the tenants under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).
The HHSRS rates 29 hazards such as damp and mould, crowding and space and personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage.
These hazards are rated to give a quantifiable hazard score.

Depending on the score the hazard will fit into one of two bands:

  • Category 1 hazards; or
  • Category 2 hazards.

Category 1 hazards are the more severe hazards which warrant a more rapid response.

Condensation and damp

Rogue Landlord

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