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Tackling Loneliness in Walsall to Improve Wellbeing– Making Connections Walsall

A new borough wide initiative between health, social care, the voluntary sector and community groups called 'Making Connections Walsall' is being developed by Walsall Council's Public Health team to improve the health and wellbeing of residents by tackling loneliness.

Voluntary sector and community groups will have the opportunity to learn about the initiative through a series of Public Health-led workshops taking place across the borough in September and October.

The initiative will takea holistic approach to improve health and well-being. The aim is to utilise existing expertise and knowledge in voluntary sector organisationsby taking referrals fromhealth and social care professionals.

Councillor Robertson chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board stated: “This programme is about understanding the damaging role that loneliness and social isolation can have upon long-term health.”

“At the heart of this is the recognition of the critical role health and wellbeing plays in our everyday lives.”

“Linking patients with voluntary sector organisations will play a vital step in providing the additional support that is often forgotten but which is so very important.”

Those wishing to attend a workshop are required to register beforehand

To receive a registration form please

Or for further information telephone: 01922 653747

This page was last updated on 01 February 2017