Decision making arrangements

Decision making arrangements

Walsall Council has adopted a 'Leader and Cabinet' system. The cabinet forms the council’s executive, and currently comprises nine members plus the Council Leader. Cabinet meets regularly – normally every month – and takes key decisions on behalf of the council. Cabinet members are accountable for the performance of services within their portfolios by setting targets and ensuring those targets are met. They know, and are responsible for, what services are doing in order to maximise, improve or turn around poor performance.

Certain key decisions must be considered and taken by the whole council attended by all 60 councillors. For example, the council’s annual budget must be approved by the council, as must key policy and strategy documents such as the corporate plan. Council meetings are chaired by the Mayor.

In addition, the council has established five Scrutiny and Performance Panels, each comprising nine councillors, drawn from those councillors who are not cabinet members. These panels mirror the role of the parliamentary select committees: they contribute to the development, monitoring and review of council policies and procedures, and monitor the performance of our services by undertaking performance reviews, and monitoring performance targets including the implementation of improvements identified. Scrutiny Panels are responsible for holding cabinet to account for the delivery of the Council’s strategic goals and individual portfolio targets.

The council also has a range of regulatory powers and responsibilities, and has established a range of committees to carry out these key functions relating to development control, enforcement, and licensing. There are also specific committees – the Audit Committee and the Standards Committee - to ensure that the council operates prudently, and meets effective standards of governance.

In addition, the council works at a sub-regional and regional level – working jointly with Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Dudley councils on Black Country matters, with the six West Midlands metropolitan councils on a range of matters common to the whole West Midlands conurbation, and within the wider West Midlands region.

Locally, the council works in partnership with the other local statutory agencies including the police, NHS, Fire Service, and education providers, and with local businesses and community organisations, towards shared community goals. The council is a key partner in the Walsall Partnership, and a key player in partnership frameworks to deliver our shared Local Area Agreement. At a more local level still, the council, and ward councillors, play a key role in the nine Local Neighbourhood Partnerships – each of which represents either two or three of our 20 electoral wards and which are a key element of our consultation and engagement framework.

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