Garden waste collection service

Garden waste collection service

Since the 'Foot and Mouth' outbreak in 2001, the Government has imposed strict controls on composting schemes. If even one bin contains any of the contaminants listed below in the ’No’ column, the garden waste collection vehicle’s whole load will be rejected and will have to be sent to landfill.

Here is a list of what can and can not be put into the brown bin.

YesNo (contaminants)
Grass cuttingsBin liners plastic bags Metal
Tree clippingsAnimal waste(dog and cat litter)  Kitchen waste*
Hedge clippingsLarge amounts of soil Sawdust/sand
Old flowersFencing/ posts Ash
Bush clippingsVacuum cleaner dust Cooking oils
Old plantsNut shells garden Chemicals
Leaves collected from the garden and green frontagesLeaves collected from street gutters which may include litter, grit/chippings, road salt and asphalt residue

Kitchen waste means any waste produced within a domestic kitchen. It includes meat/fish (raw or cooked), vegetables/fruit waste or peelings, egg shells and tea bags.

The council currently collects garden waste for composting from approximately 94,000 properties in the borough.

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