Contaminated land

Contaminated land


Land may become contaminated through various activities such as industrial operations, waste management activities, spillages and leaks. Pollution Control  has various statutory responsibilities and functions to ensure that any potential harm or pollution caused by such land is minimised. Amongst these duties the predominant activities are:

The implementation and enforcement of Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and subsidiary legislation and guidance.  This regime establishes a regulatory mechanism of determination and remediation of "contaminated land" and requires local authorities to prepare and publish a strategy for inspection.  

Provision of information and advice in relation to contaminated land issues applicable to the development control process. This may take the form of consultation with Planning Services, developers (or their consultants) or indeed provision of expert evidence in appeals enquiries etc. The Division may also undertake its own monitoring of sites which are the subject of such planning applications;

Provision of environmental information in relation to land contamination. Pollution Control  is more than willing to offer advice and guidance to businesses or individuals on contaminated land issues. Indeed it is important for any business to contact us at an early stage if they become aware of contamination issues so that any action (whether mandatory or voluntary) can be focused to avoid unnecessary costs. In addition the Pollution Control has taken a proactive role in the investigation, monitoring and remediation of potentially contaminated sites owned by the local authority. As early as 1986 we were undertaking remediation of known former landfill sites.  Pollution Control  has been involved with the remediation and investigation of around 20 sites of this nature and continues to monitor them, and several other known sites, as part of our ongoing landfill gas monitoring program.

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