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Pre-Submission Modifications Consultation has now closed

This consultation has now closed, thank you to all who provided representations, we are now processing these and formal notification on the representations will be sent out in January 2017. All of the representations that have been submitted can be viewed on our consultation representations page.

The next stage of the Plans is the Independent Examination; as part of this all of the representations made to the Pre-Submission Modifications Consultation and the Publication Consultation will be passed to the independent examiner. Please check the website as we will be updating the information about the examination of the plans as we progress towards it.

Back in March Walsall Council consulted on important plans that will shape the future of the borough.  The Pre-Submission Modifications Consultation sought comments on proposed modifications to these plans before we submit them for independent examination.  We have also updated the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment to take into account consultation representations, these two documents which are available on the Evidence page.  

This stage of consultation was called ‘Pre-Submission Proposed Modifications’ and ran for 6 weeks, between Monday 7th November 2016 and ending at 5pm on Monday 19th December 2016.  

It dealt with changes that were made to the Publication Draft Plans following responses to the previous round of consultations. The representations made on the Publication Stage Draft Plans and how the Council has responded to these can be viewed on our consultation representation web pages.  This consultation was authorised at Cabinet on the 27th July 2016, the Cabinet report and supporting documents are available on the Council's Website here.

The consultation documents for each of the plans included a schedule of modifications which lists all of the changes being proposed and the reasons behind them; a version of the Draft Plan with the modified text inserted and updated version of the Draft Policies Map for the SAD and AAP.  These can be found on the individual plans pages for the Site Allocation Document, Town Centre Area Action Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy.  This stage of consultation was on the proposed modifications only.

Publication Stage Consultation has now closed

The publication consultation on the Site Allocation Document, Town Centre Area Action Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy closed on 3rd May 2016. Thank you for the submitted representations.

Walsall Council has sent acknowledgments notifications to everyone who sent a representation. All of the representations that have been submitted can be viewed on our consultation representations page.

All representations will be considered and the council will publish a set of responses in due course.

We will contact all of those who submitted comments, and the Council’s website will provide updates as we move through the next steps towards the examination of the plans.

For more information please visit our Planning 2026 webpage and Community Infrastructure Levy webpage.

Black Country Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The four Black Country councils (Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton) are preparing a Black Country Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

This SPD sets out guidance for addressing air quality issues, especially as a result of transport emissions.  It is aimed at all those involved in the submission and determination of planning applications where air quality needs to be considered.

See the Supplementary Planning Document webpage to view the draft document.


A glossary of terms is provided below:

The Development Plan

The Planning Policy Team is responsible for preparing, explaining and monitoring the statutory planning policies, contained in a series of documents that together comprise Walsall’s ‘development plan’. This sets out a vision for the Borough and policies to promote, accommodate and guide desirable development whilst protecting and enhancing the environment.

The council is required by law to take account of the policies in the development plan when making decisions on planning applications. Developers should also have regard to these policies when drawing up their proposals.

Regional Spatial Strategies were fully revoked by the government on 20 May 2013. The development plan for Walsall therefore now currently comprises:

  • Black Country Core Strategy (BCCS) 2011
  • Walsall Unitary Development Plan (UDP) 2005 – ‘saved’ policies (see UDP page)
  • UDP Proposals Map and Town and District Centre Inset Maps

These documents form part of Walsall's Local Plans (formerly Local Development Framework - LDF). Additional planning policy documents are prepared by the Council to offer further guidance to the policies of the ‘development plan’, and these also make up part of the Local Plans. Direct links to the documents that have been adopted or are being prepared in draft are given in the tables below.

Old Style Plan (UDP) - 'Saved Policies'

Current Status

Walsall Unitary Development Plan (UDP) 2005Adopted March 2005
Walsall (Borough) UDP Proposals MapAdopted March 2005
Town and District Centre Inset MapsAdopted March 2005

Development Plan Documents (DPDs)    


Current Status

Black Country Core StrategyAdopted February 2011
Walsall Site Allocations Preferred Options consultation September 2015
Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan Preferred Options consultation September 2015

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)


Current Status                                                   

Urban Open Space Adopted April 2006
Walsall Waterfront Adopted November 2006
HealthcareAdopted January 2007 but revoked February 2012*
EducationAdopted February 2007 but revoked February 2012*
Designing WalsallRevised July 2013
Affordable Housing Adopted February 2008
Natural Environment Revised July 2013

*These SPDs were revoked by the Secretary of State in February 2012 as set out in the link below:

Local Plans Documents

Other Local Plans Documents                           

Current Status                                                           

Local Development SchemeRevised September 2014
Statement of Community InvolvementRevised document adopted 8th February 2012
Sustainability AppraisalBeing done in stages as part of Site Allocation Document and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan
Annual Monitoring ReportPublished annually

Further information

The Walsall UDP and Local Plans documents are available to download for free using the links provided. However, printed copies can be provided at a reasonable cost (see table below). Please note that payment is required prior to the document being sent. Payment can be accepted either via a cheque made payable to Walsall MBC or a credit or debit card. For credit or debit card enquiries please contact (01922) 652620.

Price List

Adopted DocumentHard copy*                Download

Black Country Core Strategy (Feb 2011)

Appendix 2

Appendices 1 and 3-9

£20 inc P&P (or £30 for this and Appendix 2 together)

£20 inc P&P (or £30 for this and Core Strategy together)

Price on application

All Free
Walsall UDP (March 2005)£25 + £5 postage and packagingFree

UDP Proposals Map

Town & District Centres Inset Maps (on one sheet)

£5 eachBoth Free
Supplementary Planning Documents£10 each (includes postage and packaging)All Free
Statement of Community InvolvementFreeFree

*Hard copies of all the above documents are free to local community groups on the Council's consultation database (1 copy per group on request).

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