LDF Core Strategy

Core Strategy

The four Black Country Local Authorities of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton have prepared a Core Strategy for the Black Country in partnership with the community and other key organisations.

The Black Country Core Strategy (JCS) sets out the vision, objectives and strategy for future development in the Black Country up to 2026 and beyond. It forms the basis of Walsall's Local Development Framework and will guide future development decisions throughout the Black Country. Although the Core Strategy does not generally mention specific sites, it covers issues including:

  • the protection and improvement of the natural and built environment
  • where jobs should be located
  • the location and size of new shopping, leisure and cultural facilities
  • the location and type of future housing developments
  • how people can move around the Black Country
  • how to address the needs of the Black Country’s diverse communities

Core Strategy Adoption

The Core Strategy was adopted on 3 February 2011 following an examination in public in the summer of 2010. It now forms a key part of the statutory land use development plan for Walsall. As well as providing the basis for decisions on planning applications, the Core Strategy will also shape regeneration, investment, and growth within the borough.

It will form the starting point for the production of detailed plans covering site-specific proposals in any forthcoming site specific policies such as a Site and Allocations Detailed Planning Document and regeneration proposals for particular areas. For further details of how the Core Strategy fits with other statutory planning policy documents, please visit the Local Plans page by using the link below.

The adopted Core Strategy Documents are attached below.

Core Strategy Consistency with National Planning Policy

Following the publication of the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the four Black Country local planning authorities analysed the Core Strategy using a self-assessment produced by the Planning Advisory Service. The results of this assessment were then discussed with a senior Planning Inspector. The conclusions were that there were no issues raised by the NPPF that would require a review of the Core Strategy and the plan is in conformity with national policy.

You can view the completed self-assessment and a note of the meeting with the Planning Inspector below:

The position that the Core Strategy is consistent with the NPPF, so that Core Strategy policies can be applied with full weight, has been endorsed by the Association of Black Country Authorities, and by Walsall Council's Cabinet (24 July 2013). The position is also set out in Council reports on planning applications.

Other Core Strategy Links and Documents

Many other documents were used as supporting evidence in the preparation of the Core Strategy. Most of these are available on the Core Strategy web site using the link below.

The Council has prepared a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment and Employment Land Review. These documents will be carried forward for use in future work by the Council and can be downloaded from the Council’s own evidence page using the link below.

Superseded Unitary Development Plan Policies

The Core Strategy replaces certain policies in Walsall’s Unitary Development Plan (UDP). These are listed in Appendix 8 of the Core Strategy. It is important to note that the Core Strategy does not replace UDP policies on a “like for like” basis. However, for ease of use the a “marked” version of the UDP has been provided in the link below which shows those policies that have been superseded. This version does not have any legal status.

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