Do I need planning permission?

With the exception of certain small-scale work, planning permission is needed to carry out building work or to change the use of land or buildings.

For more specific and in-depth advice, visit the planning portal website. The planning portal is a national government information resource which offers planning advice and guidance.  Additionally, we recommend that you contact the council to discuss your proposals with a qualified planner.  

Advice for your home

Advice for your business

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Can you tell me who owns a piece of land?

The Council only has information on its own land and buildings.
Contact propertyanddevelopment@walsall.gov.uk
Telephone  01922 652094/652084

For privately owned land contact the Land Registry:

Coventry District Land Registry
Leigh Court
Torrington Avenue
Tile Hill
Telephone 02476 860860

Most former Council houses are now owned by Walsall Housing Group

Walsall Housing Trust
8th Floor
Tameway Tower
Bridge Street
West Midlands
Telephone  01922 425600
Fax 01922 425601

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Where are my boundaries?

The Council does not have information about the boundaries of private land. You should check your property deeds and obtain advice from a surveyor, solicitor or other legal adviser.

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Can I submit an objection on a planning application?

If you would like to comment on a planning application, you can email, fax or write to us, you must state the application address and reference number coupled with your name and contact details.

If you know the name of the case officer, you can write to them at the same address.

Alternatively, you can use our Viewing planning applications and making comments  page to do this - search for the application and then click on the ‘submit comments’ button (you are only able to comment on applications currently under consideration).

Whichever way you choose to contact us, your comments will be passed to the relevant case officer who will take them into account when preparing their report and recommendation.

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How long does the decision making process on planning applications take?

We aim to deal with applications within the following timescales:

  • 60% of major applications within 13 weeks (10 or more houses, buildings over 1000 sq m or land over 0.5 hectares)
  • 65% of minor applications within 8 weeks (industrial and commercial)
  • 80% of other applications within 8 weeks (including householder applications)

In all categories of application, more complicated or controversial proposals are likely to take longer. In addition, applications which are submitted with incomplete or inadequate information also take longer.

Ways to help speed up the processing of an application include consulting planning officers for advice before submitting a proposal, and making sure all the required information is included at the time of submitting your proposal.

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Has a planning application been submitted? and how can i view details of a planning application?

We provide access to our live database of planning applications so you can check the progress of the planning application, view documents and submit comments. If you know the address or application number then you can use our search for a planning application to access our live database. alternatively you can have a look at the councils weekly list

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Has a planning application been determined?

We provide access to our live database of planning applications so you can check the progress of the planning application, view documents and submit comments. If you know the address or application number then you can use our search for a planning application to access our live database. alternatively you can have a look at the councils planning registers to search for decisions.

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How do I appeal against a decision?

You have a right of appeal against the decision to the Secretary of State for Environment, Transport and the Regions. The planning inspectorate is an independent body and will usually deal with such an appeal. There is no right of appeal for neighbours or other third parties.

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What does "constraints" mean on the application summary screen?

Many sites have constraints that affect how the council will deal with planning applications for them. These include site-specific planning policies and previous uses of the site or surrounding land. Examples include green belts, conservation areas and former landfill sites.

Please note that there are many other non site-specific constraints that affect how we decide applications, which are not shown. Most of these non site-specific constraints are planning policies that relate to particular proposed uses of land or types of built development, for example retail developments or extensions to dwellings. For information on the council’s planning policies visit the Unitary Development Plan pages.

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I haven't received a notification letter about a planning application. Can I still object?

Yes. This web site shows the addresses that we have notified which adjoin the application site. We welcome representations from any other interested party. Find out how to submit comments.

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What grounds of objection can I raise?

We are only able to take account of material planning considerations.

In considering a planning application, the Council has a statutory duty to have regard to the provisions of the development plan and any other “material considerations”. The most common “material considerations” include the following, although the list is not exhaustive.

  • Local, strategic, regional and national planning policies, including proposals in the development plan.
  • Government circulars, orders and statutory instruments
  • Previous appeal decisions
  • Loss of daylight or sunlight
  • Overshadowing/loss of outlook (but not loss of view)
  • Overlooking / loss of privacy
  • Highway issues: Traffic generation, vehicular access, highway safety
  • Noise and disturbance resulting from use
  • Smells
  • Light pollution
  • Hazardous materials/ground contamination
  • Loss of trees
  • Nature conservation
  • Effect on listed buildings and Conservation Area
  • Layout and density of buildings
  • Design, visual appearance and materials
  • Archaeology
  • Risk of flooding
  • Landscaping
  • Disabled persons’ access

Matters which cannot normally be taken into account

  • Matters controlled under Building Regulations or other non-planning laws, e.g. structural stability, drainage, fire precautions etc.
  • Private issues between neighbours e.g. land/boundary disputes, damage to property, private rights of way, covenants etc.
  • Loss of value of property
  • Problems arising from the construction period of any works, e.g. noise, dust, construction vehicles, hours of work etc.

If you would like us to check whether your concerns are material please contact us before submitting your comments.

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Can I view the objection letters?

You will only be able to view letters once the decision has been made on an application or, in the case of applications that are to be determined by the Development Control Committee, once the committee agenda has been published (usually 1 week before the date of the meeting). If you would like to view letters please call at the First Stop Shop in the Civic Centre. It is best to contact us with at least 24 hours’ notice to ensure that the application file is available.

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I need a copy of a decision notice, where can i get one?

You can download decisions on planning applications determined from this web site. If you cannot find the decision you need then, please contact the Local Land Charges team. Please note that a charge will be made for decision notices supplied by the team.

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I'm selling my house and I need proof that the extension I built didn't need planning permission and/or Building Regulations approval. How do i do that?

We have a dedicated Householder Team that is able to provide advice on the need for planning permission for extensions to dwellings. Please contact us. If you require confirmation in writing you must allow at least 10 working days for a response.

The advice we can give is based solely on the information you have provided and the council’s records. No planning officer from the council is able to view the property. Should you require further confirmation as to whether planning permission would be required for the development, you may apply for a lawful development certificate, using the application forms that you can obtain from this web site. A fee would be payable with such an application.

Please contact the Building Control team for more information on the Building Regulations.

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What do I have to do to meet Disability Discrimination Act requirements?

From 1st October 2004 the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 introduces new duties on those who provide services to the public such as retailers, leisure providers, health services and local authorities. The new duties will require them to make reasonable adjustments to the physical environment of their premises.

For further information download the 'what you need to know about making changes to your premises' leaflet, from the Disability Rights Commission website.

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What is a Travel Plan?

A travel plan or green transport plan is a strategy by which a business or institution can reduce the environmental impact of journeys made by its staff and clients. Travel plans provide options to encourage the use of sustainable forms of transport such as walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.

For further information visit the Travel Plan website.

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I can't afford a planning consultant, can I get some free advice and support?

Yes free planning advice is available from The Royal Town Planning Institute http://www.planningaid.rtpi.org.uk/

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