Local Land Charges FAQ

Local Land Charges FAQ

Do you answer drainage enquiries?

No, not since the Severn Trent agency agreement was terminated in March 2000. These should now be directed to:

Severn Trent Water Limited
Conveyancing Searches
P.O. Box 6187

or contact Severn Trent using DX 26205 Sherwood Rise

Alternatively we can apply on your behalf to Severn Trent Water and/ or the Coal Authority for reports if requested at the time of submitting your full Local Authority Search.

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Do you answer landfill enquiries?

Yes, we can tell you if the site is within 250 metres of a former or operational landfill site.

The Pollution Control Division (01922 658040) is able to supply a map or location plan showing the boundary of the landfill site(s) in question and, in some cases, a synopsis of relevant details.

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Do I need a plan?

A plan is essential when submitting a search on land/commercial or industrial sites. For a numbered residential property it is not essential, but is advisable to ensure accuracy.

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How long will it take for my search to be completed?

We aim to return both standard and non-standard full local authority searches within within 5 working days.

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Can you tell me who owns this piece of land?

No, but our land terrier services within property and development can tell you if it is within council ownership. Contact assetmanagement@walsall.gov.uk  or telephone (UK) 01922 658338

For privately owned land contact the land registry:

Coventry District Land Registry
Leigh Court
Torrington Avenue
Tile Hill

Telephone 02476 860860

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This page was last updated on 30 March 2017