Walsall Council is calling on residents and people who work in the borough to join them in their fight against environmental crime and help catch the irresponsible people who blight our borough with litter and vandalism.

Like the rest of the country, environmental crime is a major issue in the borough and it’s time for everyone to take action – residents can play a huge part in catching the culprits.

Approximately 30 tonnes of rubbish is illegally fly-tipped in the borough every week and over £120,000 of public money is spent on cleaning up fly-tipping in the borough each year.

Eyewitness checklist

  • Remember: do not touch any waste. It may be harmful!
  • Location (area, street name, house number)
  • Day, date and time
  • Type of waste (soil, rubble, furniture, burned-out cars, chemical drums, etc.)
  • Quantity of waste (van-load, truck-load, bags, drums, etc.)
  • Was a vehicle involved? (If so: make and type of vehicle, colour, registration number, noticeable markings eg. telephone numbers)
  • Did you see the person fly-tipping? (If so: can you give a name or description?)

Contact us

If you see someone dumping waste, be discreet but try to remember some details. The eyewitness checklist below gives you an idea of some of the things you should try to look out for. You can report flytipping by emailing Clean & Green at cleanandgreen@walsall.gov.uk or you can contact any of the following telephone numbers with the information you take down:

  • Walsall Council Contact Centre: 01922 653344
  • Walsall Council Environmental Health: 01922 653020
  • Police: 0845 113 5000

The council's Environmental Enforcement Annual Report 2013/14 can be viewed via the following link:

Environmental Enforcement Report 2013/14 (PDF)

This page was last updated on 25 November 2016

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