Park Lime Pits

Park Lime Pits



The site is situated on an undulating old mining area with two large pools and several wet hollows, wet grassland, calcarous grassland, hawthorn thickets and small wooded areas. The site has a number of unusual plants associated with the wetlands and calcarous grassland. The pools have mare's-tail, bul-rush and lesser reedmace. While burnet saxifrage, lady's bedstraw, restharrow, quaking-grass, pepper saxifrage and field scabious are to be found on the limestone grassland.

Management Recommendations

The areas of limestone grassland were formerly grazed and this grazing regime needs to be reinstated as cocks-foot is beginning to dominate in places.

Overgrown hawthorn scrub could be coppiced where it is casting excessive shade.

Some of the hawthorn scrub is over mature and needs tending to. Small areas could be periodically cut to diversify the age range.

This page was last updated on 04 August 2016