Merrions Wood

Merrions Wood



An attractive, mixed broadleaved woodland dominated by oak but with frequent hazel, rowan, holly, sycamore, and beech. Willow and alder occur in the wetter areas where guelder rose and filed maple are also present. Generally, the wood has a good structure with a well-developed shrub layer in many places and trees and shrubs of various ages.

The ground flora includes bluebells, wood anemone, foxgloves, wild garlic, lesser celandine, lords and ladies, remote sedge, red campion, greater stichwort, yellow archangel, giant fescue and wood brome. Although the ground flora remains diverse it is restricted in some areas die to public pressure. A pool provides a habitat for invertebrates

Management Recommendations

  • The public should be encourages to keep to well defined pathways.
  • Tipping and vandalism are a problem from time to time and measures should be taken to try and control these.

This page was last updated on 04 August 2016