Cuckoo's Nook & the Dingle

Cuckoo's Nook & the Dingle



Cuckoo's Nook is primarily oak woodland with overgrown hazel coppice and hawthorn, holly, birch, sycamore, elder, ash and beech. Alders and willows occur along many streams in wet areas with reed canary grass and tufted hair-grass. The ground flora elsewhere includes dogs mercury, bramble, ivy, foxglove and greater woodrush. The southern half of the wood is composed of young oak woodland.

The area of greatest interest is the western side near to the stream where a very diverse ground flora is to be found. Wild garlic, water avens, woodruff, marsh marigold, meadowsweet, wood brome, common valerian, herb Robert and wood melick make up a floral mosaic.

The Dingle is of less interest. It is mainly sycamore and beech on an undulating area of banks and ditches, where there has been much disturbance. The ground layer is patchy and the shrub layer is almost absent

Management Recommendations

Ensure that a good structural diversity inn the Dingle is displayed. To achieve this, it may be necessary to fell mature beech and sycamore in blocks to enable replanting with ash and oak and understorey species such as hazel and holly.

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