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Walsall Education Partnership

Following extensive consultation and engagement with headteachers, Walsall Council’s Cabinet decided in July 2011 to terminate its contract with strategic partner Serco and bring education services back “in house”. This decision took into account the impact of proposed legislative changes set out in The Education Bill 2011 and the effect of the Academies Act 2010, which will see a reduced role for local authorities and greater autonomy and freedom for schools to “buy in” support services as they require.

The Children and Young People Partnership has a clear vision that believes all children and young people in Walsall have the right to be healthy, happy and safe, to be loved, valued and respected and to have high aspirations for a successful future.  One of the fundamental drivers of cabinet’s decision was to ensure Walsall was prepared and ready to respond to the anticipated education policy changes.

With these imminent changes Cabinet felt that the contract would no longer be “fit for purpose” and in the interests of children and young people of Walsall it could better offer the supporting role to schools by transferring services back into the local authority and prepare for a new partnership with schools.

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