Elections you can vote in

Types of elections you can vote in

Types of elections

Elections are contested by candidates representing registered political parties (as getting people to vote for you takes a lot of organisation, which parties provide). Individuals sometimes stand for election as independents, unsupported by a registered political party.

There are three levels of democratic representation in Britain. These are:

Local government (council) elections

Walsall Borough is divided into 20 wards, each represented by 3 councillors. There is an election of one councillor in each of the wards in May each year. The 3 councillors each come up for election in turn. As councils are normally elected every 4 years, this approach of electing a third each year means there is no election in the fourth year.

Parliamentary (Westminster) elections

Members of Parliament (MPs) are voted into the House of Commons at a parliamentary general election. These elections have to take place within 5 years of the last election, but can take place at any time within those 5 years.  The last general parliamentary election was held on Thursday 7 May 2015. There are three MPs representing constituencies in Walsall, please see our MPs and MEPs page.

European Parliamentary elections

Elections to the European Parliament are held every five years. The UK elects members to the European parliament on a regional basis. For more information on the European parliament and its members please view the UK Office of the European Parliament website. The last election was on 22 May 2014.


A by-election can be held if a councillor or MP dies or resigns.

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