War memorials

War memorials

The First South Staffordshires attacking the Hohenzollern RedoubtAfter the First World War, Joseph Leckie commissioned two paintings, by Frank O. Salisbury, which, as their dedications tell us, were intended "to commemorate the never to be forgotten valour of the South Staffordshire Regiments in the Great War 1914 - 1918".

The pictures were completed in 1920 and are now located either side of the organ, in Walsall Town Hall's theatre. That on the left shows "the First South Staffordshires attacking the Hohenzollern Redoubt", while the one on the right shows "the 5th South Staffords storming the St. Quentin Canal at Bellingtise Sept 29th 1918".

They were unveiled on the same day as the Carless Memorial which stands in front of the Central Library in Lichfield Street. The artist talked to officers who had served in the South Staffordshire Regiment, so that he could represent actual events.

The 5th South Staffordshires storming the St. Quentin canal at Bellingtese Sept 29th 1918

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