Claiming benefits

Claiming benefits

Claim by telephone

You can now claim Housing and/or Council Tax Reduction by telephone by calling 0300 555 2855.

Claim form

You can get a claim form:

  • by visiting the Civic Centre
  • by visiting your housing association
  • by visiting the Job Centre if you receive Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance
  • by telephoning us and we will post one to you

We need to see evidence of your identity and your circumstances before we can work out what benefit/reduction you may be entitled to. We encourage you to bring your completed form, your evidence and documents to us so we can copy your documents and return the originals straight away.

Information which must be provided with your benefit claim

Before we can work out how much benefit/reduction you may be entitled to, you need to provide us with the information detailed below. We have to see original documents, we will photocopy them free of charge.

If this is your first claim please supply:

  • evidence of you / your partner’s identity (2 items each)
  • evidence of you / your partner’s National Insurance Number

For all claims please supply the following for those you receive:

  • you / your partner’s last 5 weekly/3 fortnightly/2 monthly payslips (if you have  just started work please supply these as you get them DO NOT wait until you get them to submit your claim)
  • you / your partner’s last former employer’s pension slip / personal pension slip or letter from pension provider showing latest rise.
  • you / your partner’s evidence of capital and savings.
  • latest full bank statements, up to date Building Society pass books covering the last two months.
  • Post Office books, Premium Bonds, Income Bonds, ISA’s TESSA’S
  • P.E.P.’s, National Savings Certificate,. Stocks & shares etc,
  • state Benefits /Pensions
  • Tax Credit letters
  • evidence of maintenance/child support
  • evidence of student grant/loan
  • letter detailing how the grant/loan is made up
  • evidence of capital for dependants
  • evidence of income for non dependants

Please check that you have all the relevant evidence required. If you do not provide this information you will be requested to provide it which may require another visit to the Civic Centre and you may have to pay your full rent and/ or Council Tax in the meantime.

If you are having difficulties in providing any of the information we need, tell us straight away. Do not delay in getting your claim to us as we may not be able to backdate your claim.

Why do I have to prove the information on my benefit/reduction claim form?

It is important that you get all the benefit you are entitled to and we can only work out your benefit/reduction using the evidence given to us.

Because benefit/reduction is paid out of public funds, we have to check all the information given to us as it is important that we do not pay any benefit/reduction to which you are not entitled.

This page was last updated on 09 November 2016