Benefits contact information

Contact information

We administer council tax reduction, housing benefit and free school meals, and we can also advise on other welfare benefits. There are a number of ways to contact us listed below:

Visit us

You can call in to see us at the First Stop Shop in the main Civic Centre entrance in Darwall Street.

Our opening hours are:

  • Monday: 8.45am - 5.15pm
  • Tuesday: 8.45am - 5.15pm
  • Wednesday: 8.45am to 5.15pm
  • Thursday: 8.45am - 5.15pm
  • Friday: 8.45am to 4.45pm


If you do not want to call in to see us we will try to deal with your enquiry by telephone. You can contact us by telephone:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8.45am - 5.15pm
  • Friday: 8.45am - 4.45pm

The Customer Contact Team on 0300 555 2855

By texbox - for deaf or speech impaired users, access texbox or textphone on 01922 654000

If your enquiry is more detailed we will arrange an appointment for you. If you need to see us but are unable to call in because of serious ill health or a disability we can arrange to visit you in your home. For more information about home visits please view our Do you require a visit? page. If you need to provide documents in support of your claim but cannot call in yourself, we will accept documents from a relative or a friend; however, due to customer confidentiality we will not discuss any details of your claim with another person without your written permission.

Online forms

You can use our benefit/reduction - reporting changes online form to tell us of any changes in your circumstances.

You can use our online reporting benefits/reduction fraud form to report someone you suspect is committing fraud.

You can use our online contact form for general enquiries, compliments and complaints.

You can apply online for free school meals here




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