Trading standards

Trading standards

Pages in this section relate to trading standards for business. For consumer advice, please visit our consumer advice and protection pages.


Trading Standards protect the interests of local consumers and businesses. We enforce consumer protection legislation by inspecting business premises, 'mystery shopping' exercises, undertaking surveys and dealing with consumer complaints. Our main functions include:

  • Product safety - we check and test goods to see if they comply with safety standards (for example, toys)
  • Quality - we check that food meets specific labelling and compositional requirements
  • Fair trading - we check that goods and services are described correctly (for example, second-hand cars)
  • Metrology - we examine and test weights, measures and equipment used by traders (for example, petrol pumps)
  • Business advice - we provide friendly, courteous, impartial advice and assistance to local businesses. We also provide information on what to expect when an officer from Trading Standards calls

Sampling plans

We inspect and sample various food and non-food products as part of our overall inspection plan. Our annual food and non-food sampling plans target local priorities as well as nationl issues.  We also take part in the Central Trading Standards Authorities projects.   

Regulation and inspections

If we find a breach of Trading Standards legislation we will decide what course of action to take, depending upon the nature of the breach. Firm action, including prosecution where appropriate, is taken against those who flout the law or act irresponsibly.

Our decision will be based upon the Trading Standards Enforcement Policy (PDF 59KB) and the principles of the Cabinet Office's Enforcement Concordat.  This is to ensure a consistent approach to regulation, taking care to help local businesses meet their legal obligations without unnecessary expense.  

We renew our five-year inspection programme every year using a nationally agreed risk assessment protocol. Local priorities are built in to the work we undertake, targeting practices such as 'underage sales' of tobacco and alcohol.


We undertake regular consultation with all our customers and try to respond to their wishes wherever possible. We are always looking to make useful improvements to the service as well.


If you didn't find what you were looking for we'd like to know. Any suggestions you make will be discussed by the management team.  

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