Selling Alcohol Responsibly?

Selling Alcohol Responsibly?

Drinking alcohol plays a long-standing and generally positive role in British culture

Pubs, bars, off-licences and clubs are an important part of many people’s social and family life and contribute valuable revenue to the economy.  

New mandatory conditions have been introduced to establish minimum standards in the way alcohol is sold.

An irresponsible promotion is any activity or offer that encourages customers to drink in a way that could cause a significant risk or breaches one or more of the licensing objectives.

What is now prevented:

  • Drinking games – i.e. any form of speed drinking game
  • Women drink for free
  • Discounts for students
  • All you can drink for £10.00
  • Half price drinks when England win the World Cup
  • Pouring alcohol directly into customer’s mouths

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact the Licensing Enforcement Team if you would like advice on running a promotion in your licensed premise. Or if you think you have seen an irresponsible promotion advertised.

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This page was last updated on 26 September 2016