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Environmental legislation

Pollution Control

The Pollution Control Section of Walsall Council is able to offer businesses the following services;

  • To help businesses comply with environmental legislation through the provision of information, advice and visits to the individual companies;
  • Provide companies with information concerning potential and actual land contamination issues affecting their property (small fee may be chargeable);
  • Advise and guide on the completion of Pollution Prevention and Control Regulation applications and in meeting conditions;

The Pollution Control Section is also responsible for enforcing various environmental laws and implementing national policies.  Work is  carried out to assess and manage some aspects of environmental pollution within the Walsall borough, specifically in relation to air pollution and contaminated land. The key activities of Pollution Control are:

  • Inspecting and authorising industrial processes prescribed for local authority control under the Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000.
  • Providing advice and information to solicitors and developers on potentially contaminated sites.
  • Providing advice on the pollution aspects of Planning and Building Control Applications and Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Implementing the Contaminated Land Strategy, identifying contaminated sites and taking action to remediate them.
  • Investigating complaints about air pollution, noise and land contamination
  • Take action to abate statutory nuisance following investigation
  • Monitoring and modelling of local air quality.
  • Taking action to improve pollution in Air Quality Management Areas.

Contact telephone number for air pollution, contaminated land, noise: 01922 658040 or look at

For more advice on environmental legislation look at the Environment Agency web site, Netregs.


(Environment Agency)

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