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Accredited Agent Scheme

List of Accredited Agents

If you are an agent that submits planning applications to Walsall Council why not apply to become an Accredited Agent and have your company name and website (where provided) published in our Accredited Agent List here. See following sections of this page for further information and details on how to apply.

Purpose of Accreditation

The Accredited Agent scheme, the first of its kind in the Black Country aims to speed up the validation process. To obtain accreditation, we will assess the frequency of planning application submissions that meet the information requirements set out in our guide to submitting planning applications titled 'What do I need to submit a planning application?' along with electronic correspondence and submissions, but is not intended to assess any other aspect of an agents business. Further information on the guide to submitting planning applications is available in the link below.

How to apply

The scheme commenced in April 2011 and agents can apply for accreditation by sending an email to including 'Accredited Agent Application' in the title of the email and providing the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Company Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Company Website (where available)

In applying for accreditation an agent must agree to:

  1. Frequently meet the requirements of the guide to submitting planning applications titled 'What do I need to submit a planning application?';
  2. Submit all planning applications electronically, including amended plans (preferably online using the Planning Portal);
  3. Submit and receive correspondence electronically;
  4. Their company name and website address (where available) being published in an Accredited Agent List on this webpage.

Once an application for accreditation is received, we will assess how frequently an agent has met the validation requirements and how frequently they met the other conditions for accreditation such as electronic correspondence and electronic planning application submissions.


The list of Accredited Agents will be reviewed every 12 months to ensure that the conditions of accreditation are being met. Where a review identifies any Accredited Agents that have failed to meet the conditions of accreditation they will be warned accordingly and removed from the list if improvement does not occur within 6 months. Agents can re-apply for accreditation at the next 12 monthly review cycle where they can evidence that they are consistently meeting the conditions for accreditation.  

Benefits of Accreditation

If an application for accreditation is succesful, the agent will be provided with an accreditation logo to use on letter heads, marketing material and website etc and will be provided with a certificate.

A list of accredited agents will also be published on this webpage along with a link to their website (where available).  

The Planning Portal, a website that provides the national online planning application submission facility is supportive of the agent accreditation scheme and is partnering with Walsall Council to encourage agents to join the scheme. Those that successfully meet Walsall Council’s accreditation scheme are also eligible to sign-up to the Portal’s Carbon Pledge by confirming their commitment to maximise CO² savings by submitting all planning applications online. Further information on the Carbon Pledge is available in the link below or by contacting


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This page was last updated on 03 November 2016