Budget consultation

Budget consultation

Walsall Council sets a budget each year and has to decide how to allocate available money to the wide range of vital services it provides to the community. The budget setting process involves some difficult decisions, which reflect national and local priorities, as well as the needs, wants and aspirations of 270,000 residents. Consultation on the budget takes place in the Autumn each year and details for budget consultation 2017/18 are now available here.

Financial background

How Walsall Council delivers its services to residents across the borough is related directly to the funding it has available. This funding is secured through two key sources; the amount of money we can raise from council tax and funding from central government (often called grants).

Since 2010, it has been well documented that funding to all councils from central government has been greatly reduced. In fact, since 2010, Walsall Council alone has made savings of c£123 million. However, this persistent pressure to reduce costs is set to continue into 2020, by which time the council must save a further £86 million.

Key facts

  • Walsall Council has already reduced spending in 2016/17 by identifying efficiencies of £25m to balance the budget
  • Due to further cuts in funding, further efficiencies of around £86m will be required over four years
  • Funding for 2017/18 will not be known until December 2016.

Over the last five years, Walsall council has developed its annual budget with the primary aim of preserving vital services, whilst also meeting its obligation to achieve the required savings.  Every year this task is becoming increasingly difficult.  Choices are becoming limited, because there are statutory services that the council has to protect by law such as looking after our elderly and protecting and safeguarding young people and children.  We also have a legal requirement to provide certain leisure and community services, too.   So how and where we spend money is becoming very challenging indeed.

We are now setting our budget for 2017/18 and must again draft a balanced budget proposal with £30million less.  In this dire economic climate, now more than ever, we need your involvement as decisions made now will determine how we deliver services in the future.

Undoubtedly, these are difficult times and difficult decisions will have to be made. The levels of Council service provision will inevitably change. Some services will no longer be available.  This is why your views are central to the final budget decisions to be made in February 2017.   As your council, we will remain committed to delivering services you need in a way that offers both value for money and preserves services for those who are most in need.

Listening and responding to the views of residents is key to our budget setting process.  No final decisions on spending have been made so far, but what is not negotiable is the total budget figure, which cannot change.

Council purpose and priorities

Walsall Council exists to serve the people and communities of Walsall, by representing and working with them to protect and improve the quality of life for all, particularly the most vulnerable.

Our purpose is to: Reduce inequalities and maximise potential.

By working to reduce health, social and economic inequalities the potential of the area, local businesses, communities and people will be maximised, making Walsall Wonderful.

We do this with limited resources and so must always work to ensure that public money is targeted to where it is most needed and used in the most efficient way possible.

We are led by the communities we serve who help shape the services we provide and we help those communities to make a positive difference to their own lives through active civic engagement and cooperation.

Our priorities:

  • Lifelong health wealth and happiness
  • Safe, resilient and prospering communities
  • Sustainable change and improvement for all

Download the council's Corporate Plan 2016-20 here.


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